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If your screen is to be wall mounted, a suitably re-enforced structure is required.  

For safety reasons we will NOT mount to unsuitable surfaces such as shell scheme. 

 "Standard installation" means that the top of the screen must not exceed 2m. 

If it does, you will need to provide access equipment and additional charges will apply. 

Choose how to mount your screen from the dropdown list above.   

- Screens that support USB playback can play .JPG &.PNG image files & .MP4 video files on a loop  

- All screen support a HDMI input and a HDMI cable will be provided within the cost of the screen  

- If a different connection is required we recommend that you call or chat to us for guidance. 

If you order a multimedia player, it allows you to plug in a memory stick/card so you can play back your content on any screen with a HDMI socket. It features autoplay (so that files will play automatically) plus they can "loop" so that content can be left running all day.



Each screen requires a 500w socket.  If you need to plug in other electrical items you may need to order more than 500w or additional sockets.

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